Sunday, January 29, 2012

And falling in love again

One of the first poem I wrote many years ago

Somewhere in my past
I fell in love but he broke my heart
I said to myself
It will take time for me to love again

But now you came into my life
Everything seems to be a surprise
Are you the one I'm waiting for
To change my view of love after all?

Everyday passes like a sweet symphony
Loving you seem eternity for me
I love the way you love me
And you make my day so happy

You're very different from him
You make me laugh, cry, and wonder
He made me ignore things and left me with nothing
You brighten up my life
And make everything a paradise

I pray to God that your really the one
Who will take care of my heart
Who will serve to be
My true and forever love

I feel comfortable when I'm with you
And you take away all my blues
I feel that I really love you
That's why I'll save the best of me
Just for you.